AdaptivApps - Event Manager for Adaptive Sports Non-Profit

Lead UX Designer
Project Overview
AdaptivApps is working with Angel City Sports—a LA-based non-profit organization that specializes in sports programming and events for athletes with physical disabilities. ACS commissioned us to help them build a platform that enables their staff, athletes, coaches, and volunteers to seamlessly manage their events from idea, to registration, to the day of the event.
My Contributions
I was the sole User Experience Designer for the initial development, testing, and rollout of this product. I worked remotely with AdaptivApps for a period of 8 weeks to research, conduct interviews, define the scope for the initial release, and partnered with a team of 6 web developers to design, test, and deliver our initial release.
Angel City Sports App
Lead UX Designer
Angel City Sports is the premier organizer in the greater Los Angeles Area for adaptive sports programming. Despite careful preparation, they found that coordinating coaches, volunteers, and athletes during their multi-day “Annual Games” events to be a massive source of headache. Our event manager relieves the pressure on staff and volunteers to make sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there.

With the 2020 Angel City Games slated for June 18-21, our team has our work cut out for us to deliver a first release that solves the most painful problem the organization faces—managing people during the event. As we've been developing, I've worked closely with our stakeholders at AdaptivApps and the staff at Angel City Sports to understand every facet of their events—large, small, and in-between. That process of research and discovery led to a cycle of rapid prototyping, testing hypotheses with Angel City staff, and iterating based on feedback to arrive at the designs that will be used for our initial release.